Femme Fatales XII Review

NCW: Femmes Fatales By: Michael Chichetti

This will be a bittersweet review for me. I could have been able to see this event in person, but it was not meant to be. Ring Sirens’ own Tyler Prattis was attending this event, and he had extra tickets to give away. However, due to my lack of enough legal tender to travel to Canada, my lack of a passport, and the fact I’m a paranoid type who gets nervous when he’s in a location he’s unfamiliar with, I could not take him up on his offer. So Tyler spent the day shaking hands with the talent, get pictures and autographs and passing out business cards, no doubt having the time of his life. I, on the other hand, was hanging out with my family in the backyard, floating around in my in ground swimming pool, munching on Lay’s BBQ flavored potato chips (Cherry Bomb would not approve), having hot dogs and cheeseburgers for dinner (Veda Scott would not approve) and having chocolate and vanilla cake for dessert (Nikki Roxx during fitness competition season would not approve). I’ll let you be the judge of who had the better day. Onto the review!

LuFisto pinned Kimber Lee after a Burning Hammer

As I predicted, LuFisto got the hero’s welcome treatment as she returned to her home promotion after being injured and on the shelf since Shimmer 53’s “THAT moonsault”. I am surprised though that this was the opening match. I suppose it was a way to get a cheap pop from the crowd early into the show. But the main thing is that LuFisto is back to her winning ways after many main event setbacks.

Pink Flash Kira defeated Portia Perez via countout

This was a kind of screwy match. Portia has been refusing to wrestle PFK for a while now. This match started with a video promo of Portia claiming she would not fight PFK, only to attack her from behind. From there, Portia began beating PFK with a leather strap, only to then try to walk out of the match, but was stopped by Courtney Rush. This was all a big set-up for a limberjill strap match between Portia and PFK for Femme Fatales XIII. I don’t care for matches that are just a set up for another match down the line. Also, I don’t see why Portia is treating PFK as a threat on par with the likes of say, Jessicka Havok. Yes, Portia is a heel and these are things heels do, but it seems wasted on PFK, and in a match so low on the card. It would make more sense if it was a higher profile match and with a main event star like a Cheerleader Melissa, but that’s just my opinion.

She Nay Nay made Veda Scott submit to an armbar

Well, I didn’t see that one coming at all. SNN has been wrestling longer than Veda, but she hasn’t climbed up the card to main event material in that time. She’s more a part-time player. Veda by comparison has been in every show of every promotion that she’s able to drive to. She’s highly liked backstage and by fans, so you would think she would be pushed more often. That simply wasn’t the case here. But I’m sure Veda will return to Femme Fatales in the future, if only so she can drink some more Tim Horton’s coffee.

Midianne & Deziree beat Leah Von Dutch & Xandra Bale following interference from Bettie Rage

What do you know, I was right. In the end, interference by Bettie Rage was the deciding factor of the match. Sucks for Xandra Bake, who has now lost two Femme Fatales events in a row to the same opponent. Perhaps there will be one more match for a chance for redemption … or maybe not.

#1 Contender Match: Cheerleader Melissa vs Courtney Rush ended in a double DQ

Again, why is this match so low on the card instead of being a co-main event? It was an even bigger letdown than the Portia Perez and Pink Flash Kira match. This ended with an all-out brawl with every referee and the entire locker room having to stop it. The result: a rematch for the same #1 contendership at Femme Fatales XIII. While disappointed, I can sort of understand why this happened. Both women are World Champions of Shimmer and Bellatrix, respectfully, and a clear winner would make either one of the promotions look weak against the other. By the time of Femme Fatales XIII in late October, one of them might lose her title and will not lose face on behalf of her promotion. Still, I don’t care for this card having two matches that were just set ups for future matches.

Sassy Stephie pinned Missy with the Kiss My Sass

I got this one right, too. The Sassy One has been on a losing streak in Femme Fatales since the mini invasion of WSU’s Midwest Militia. She was in need of a win, and Missy was the one to provide it.

Christina Von Eerie beat Angie Skye via submission

Another correct prediction, as CVE defeated her Canadian counterpart. I’m a little surprised that CVE didn’t use the 187 or Graveyard Smash to get the win, but I suppose she’s showcasing her new skills she might have picked up while in Japan.

NCW: Femmes Fatales International Championship: Mercedes Martinez (c) pinned Sweet Cherrie with a Saito Suplex

There was no way Femme Fatales was going to put their title on an American wrestler as high profiled as Mercedes only to have her drop the title on her first defense. But they did give Sweet Cherrie plenty of hope spots. She had her foot on the ropes during a pinfall after Mercedes hit her with a top rope neckbreaker onto a chair (overkill much?!). Cherrie had the match won after a Stunner, but the referee was knocked out and Mercedes kicked out by the time a new referee entered the ring. In the end, Mercedes won with the Saito Suplex. I don’t know why Mercedes couldn’t have used her trademark Fisherman’s Buster, it’s a highly effective and impressive finisher. I don’t really care for the Saito Suplex as a finisher, no matter who does it (Allysin Kay uses it every now and then, too). But that’s just my personal tastes.

In the end, this card had some decent exhibition matches, a great main event, and lots of set up for Femme Fatales XIII. There will be the limberjill strap match between Portia Perez and Pink Flash Kira, the #1 contender rematch between Cheerleader Melissa and Courtney Rush, and LuFisto and Cherrie will team up to fight Mercedes and a returning Saraya Knight. Speaking of which, I was surprised Saraya wasn’t at this event. She’s in North America to be part of the Shine Title Tournament, so I figured she would have stopped by here as well. I figured wrong. That being said, the big Female Fight Fest in October is being built up as the must-see women’s events of the year. If there’s one month you need to support women’s wrestling, it’s that one. So please do so.

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