PWWA ‘Champions United’ Results: August 3, 2013

Professional Women's Wrestling AlliancePWWA ‘Champions United’ Results
August 3, 2013

1. Shazza McKenzie defeated Olivia Shaw with the Shaztastic Stunner

2. KC Cassidy defeated Storm with a double underhook DDT

3. Siren Monroe defeated Shadow Shinobi with a running powerslam

4. Eliza Sway & Harley Wonderland defeated Fly Girl & Ashley Sparks

5. Kellyanne English defeated Kellie Skater

6. Demi Bennett & Izzy defeated Blair Alexis & Savannah Summers when Bennett got the pin with a missile dropkick.

7. Undisputed PWWA Championship:
Interim PWWA Champion Evie defeated PWWA Champion Madison Eagles to unify the titles and become the Undisputed PWWA Champion.

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